It is here by informed to all Teaching Faculty members

It is here by informed to all Teaching Faculty members and Non-Teaching staff of Basugaon College that as per the decision of Assam Govt. and direction from DC through IS Chirang District Cricle the conduct of Rapid antigen Test(RAT) is mandatory and which test will be conducted throughout the Chirang District for College Teachers w.e.f. 21th August/2020 and continue upto 31th August/2020

Therefore, all teaching faculty members and Office staff are instructed to take themselves Rapid Antigen Test(RAT) done at the following nearest designated centre/heath institution.

  1. Kashikotra Model Hospital, Bhoalgauri
  2. JSB Civil Hospital, Kajalgaon
  3. Bijni State Dispensary, Bijni and
  4. Panbari SHC (Subsidiary Healthy Centre), Pandbari

Rapid Antigen Test(RAT) report be submitted on or before 1st September/2020 to the undersigned for further transmission of the same to the higher authority.

The matter may be treated as Top Most Priority.

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